Men's Black Ring

Size Guide

Ditch the normal and embrace your wild side. Compared to stiff metal bands, our durable silicone rings allows the ring to stretch or be removed easily during an emergency. Lifetime guarantee.

- 100% hypoallergenic medical grade silicone; latex free

- Center band snaps inside groove to easily change colors

- 9mm wide, 2mm thick

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Edward M.
Good Ring Set

I was happy to find this ring set. I bought it as a recommendation for training martial arts. At our dojang, at the black belt level, we have level ups, indicated by color, to mark our journey to the next degree. This ring set allows for indicating level up progress without needing to purchase additional rings.

Kaylee C.
Multiple Repurchases

I love this design of the ring which echos my husbands original band but with his favorite color orange as the center! I have repurchased this design multiple times, but in a women’s band because my husband definitely prefers the thinner band. He decided he needed a band that actually fits him properly rather than the largest women’s band available which is still a bit tight. That is the only reason I am giving it four stars! I wish the women’s band came in larger sizes, or there were thinner mens band options.

cary g.
gift for husband

my husband has rhuemetory arthritis and this ring is perfect for when his joints swell he could no longer wear our wedding ring so this is great

Jackie Q.
Very satisfied!

I ordered this ring for my husband. At first we ordered a size that turned out to be too small. The return was so simple and easy. His new ring arrived very quickly and fits perfectly. I would definitely recommend this company!

James D.
My new ring.

I love it! Very comfortable. Great ring!

Size Chart

Measure Your Finger to Get the Best Ring Size

Measure using a slip of paper...
  1. Cut a thin strip of paper.
  2. Wrap paper around finger. Make sure enough paper is placed below finger and close enough to your knuckle.
  3. Mark the area where the paper strip meets, then use a ruler to measure the distance in millimeters.
  4. Use the measurement to find the best ring size using the Circumference Chart below.
Measure using another ring...
  1. Measure the area in between the upper edge and lower edge of the ring in millimeters.
  2. Use the measurement to find the best ring size using the Circumference Chart below.

     SIZE - US Circumference mm Diameter mm
    4 46.7 14.9
    5 49.3 15.7
    6 51.8 16.5
    7 54.4 17.3
    8 56.9 18.1
    9 59.5 18.9
    10 62.1 19.8
    11 64.6 20.6
    12 67.2 21.4
    13 69.7 22.2
    14 72.3 23.0
    15 74.8 23.8
    16 77.4 24.6

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